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UEA receives £100,000 to fund COVID-19 testing machine

A machine that can test 2,000 patient samples a day for COVID-19 antibodies will be installed at the University of East Anglia (UEA), thanks to a grant of £100,000 from the Freemasons. The machine, a DYNEX Agility Unit, analyses blood samples for antibodies to see if a person has had the virus and may have…

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Meet the team

Emily – Charity Grants Manager Emily is one of the MCF’s charity grants managers, managing a group within the Charity Grants team who consider applications from other organisations which apply for to the MCF for support. Emily ran us through a day in her life now she’s working from home, and described how the team…

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RMBI Care Co. is open for admissions

RMBI Care Co. has been proactive in its response to the Covid-19 crisis and Homes are now in recovery. In addition to Homes continuing to be open to new resident admissions, from 21 June controlled family visits will start to be introduced. . RMBI Care Co. retains strong protocols to maintain the safety and wellbeing…

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India and Bangladesh cyclone victims receive £15,000 grant

Thousands of people in Bangladesh and India whose lives have been devastated by Cyclone Amphan will be provided with urgently-needed humanitarian assistance, thanks to our £15,000 grant on behalf of Freemasons in England and Wales. Since the cyclone hit in late May, more than 100 people have died despite a mass evacuation in advance. Tens…

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