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Durham TLC Appeal

Durham TLC Appeal

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A message of support from the Pro Grand Master

Brethren, for some years now, as part of our campaign to make Freemasonry more open and understandable for the general public, we have been stressing that we must be able to show its relevance in modern society. This argument has largely been based on the way we are expected to behave morally, our voluntary contribution…

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Help for thousands of older people through the COVID-19 crisis

Thousands of older people who have been badly affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, will be given help and support, thanks to a £250,000 donation to Age UK’s ‘Emergency Coronavirus Appeal’ from the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), the Freemasons’ charity. Older people are amongst those most at risk if they contract COVID-19, and while the…

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Masonic Charitable Foundation appoints new Chief Executive

Les Hutchinson will be taking over as Chief Executive of the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), following the announcement of the retirement of the current Chief Executive, David Innes. Les’s appointment follows a wide recruitment search. David will be retiring in the late summer after over four very successful years at the helm of the MCF…

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Motor Neurone Disease Association receives PhD funding

Kent student Sam Bryce-Smith has been awarded a prestigious PhD Studentship by the Motor Neurone Disease Association. This PhD studentship aims to nurture young researchers who wish to pursue a career in MND research. The Masonic Charitable Foundation PhD Studentship ‘The Masonic Charitable Foundation PhD Studentship’ has been fully funded by a grant from the…

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