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Durham TLC Appeal

Durham TLC Appeal

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Creating Connections with Alzheimer’s Support

Alzheimer’s Support has been awarded a grant of £90,000 to help people with dementia to overcome social isolation. This grant will help over 600 people in Wiltshire, including dementia patients and their families. Creating Connections This grant will help fund more than 40 community groups – including singing, art, exercise, and gardening groups – set…

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Freemasons support Hurricane Dorian relief effort

Hurricane Dorian, which hit the Bahamas earlier this week, has caused extensive destruction and devastation.  The official death toll stands at 30, but the country’s government is warning that the final total will be ‘staggering’, with reports of hundreds, possibly thousands of people, still missing. As many as 13,000 houses have been severely damaged or…

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Over 60 freemasons ‘ride the lights’

Over 60 freemasons along with their wives, partners and children from across the province took part in the annual ‘Ride the Lights’ event in Blackpool. The freemasons and their family members were taking part in the ride along Blackpool seafront to raise funds for the West Lancashire MCF 2021 Festival appeal. The annual event is…

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Supporting traumatised children through play therapy

Clear Sky Children’s Charity has been awarded a grant of £15,000 to support children who are struggling due to trauma. This grant will help up to 60 children who have experienced bereavement, family breakdown, bullying or domestic abuse Supporting children in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire The charity offers one to one support for children and…

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