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Staffordshire & Shropshire MBA – Blood Bikes Appeal

Staffordshire & Shropshire MBA – Blood Bikes Appeal

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Crossroads Care Surrey gives families a ‘Funtastic’ break

Crossroads Care Surrey has been awarded a grant of £75,000 to help more than 80 carers of children with disabilities and other complex health needs. This grant will fund the charity’s Funtastic Club. Funtastic Club The Funtastic Club provides a safe, fun environment for children and includes interactive floor spaces and a sensory room. This…

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$150,000 to support survivors of Australian bushfires

The MCF has donated AUS $150,000 to help people affected by the catastrophic and ongoing Australian bushfires. This donation will be awarded as three $50,000 grants to the Australian Freemasons’ Disaster Relief Funds in each of the three states most affected by the blaze: New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Unprecedented bushfires have destroyed…

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Southern African food crisis victims receive £50,000

Plan International UK has been awarded £50,000 to provide emergency food packs and urgent humanitarian assistance to thousands of people at risk of starvation in southern Africa. Worst drought for 35 years An estimated 45 million people across southern Africa are likely to be affected by record high temperatures and low rainfall, which has led…

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Silver Line brings Christmas cheer to older people

Far too many older people spend Christmas entirely on their own, never receiving a single card or present. This year, the MCF donated £7,500 to the Silver Line helpline so that 2,000 of their callers could receive a gift and a card. Silver Line The Silver Line offers emotional support and friendship to vulnerable and…

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