Coram Voice
Posted: 30th April 2019

Coram Voice has been awarded a grant of £60,000 to support disabled children and young people in care. This grant will give roughly 2,000  young disabled people equal to access advocacy over the next three years.

There are more than 75,000 young people in England are currently in care

Coram Voice supports children and young people who are vulnerable to harm or exclusion from society, and who rely on the state for their rights and wellbeing. They help children and young people to shape shaping their own lives and to hold to account the services that are responsible for their care.

Young people with disabilities are especially vulnerable to abuse of their rights

Young people with disabilities are often not listened to and are vulnerable to abuse of their rights. Children with disabilities are also three times more likely to experience abuse.

But thanks to this new funding, Coram Voice can continue to work to alleviate these risks. The charity offers a specialist advocacy service which allows young people to exercise their rights. With highly experienced, independent advocates, Coram Voice is able to represent the feelings and wishes of young people, ensure the service is accessible using specialist methods of communication and train professionals through specialist courses and expert disability casework support.

London Freemasons visit Coram Voice

Andrew Dickie, Head of Services at Coram Voice, said: “We’re very grateful to London freemasons for their generous grant. This will help us make a positive, life-changing impact for more children and young people in care. Every child should have a voice and disabled children have as much right as other children to express their feelings and contribute to key decisions about their lives.”

Adrian Fox of London freemasons said: “We’re proud to have supported such a worthwhile cause. The trust and familiarity that Coram Voice builds with the people it works with is inspiring. It changes a lot of lives for the better. Their work is vital to so many vulnerable people; this grant will help them to reach more children without a voice.”