How to request payments to charities from a Relief Chest using our E-voucher service

How does it work?

  1. Find your Relief Chest

  2. Choose your charity and donation amount

  3. Confirm and approve

Relief Chest Scheme E-voucher

E-voucher User Guide

Watch our walk-through video explaining how to use the Masonic Charitable Foundation’s Relief Chest Scheme E-voucher service.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF below which helps guide you through the process of using the E-voucher service.

What is the Relief Chest Scheme?

The Masonic Charitable Foundation’s (MCF) Relief Chest Scheme helps masonic groups to raise money for their chosen charities.

The Relief Chest Scheme allows lodges, chapters, provinces and other masonic groups to save time, take control and give more to the charities they support. Purpose-built for freemasonry, the Relief Chest Scheme offers donor-advised funds called Relief Chests within which donations can be securely held until you are ready to make a payment to a registered charity chosen by the lodge.

Relief Chest diagram