It might feel like a world away, but at some point most of us will have to consider different care options for ourselves or our loved ones as they get older and need support.

John’s father, Eric, decided that living in a care home was the right step for him after caring for his wife, Pat, at home became too difficult. Eric’s one request was that he and Pat stayed together, wherever they eventually decided to live.

“My mother had dementia and my father kept on having falls at home which meant the ambulance service would be frequently called out,” John explained. “Eventually, my father called me and said it was time for them both to move into a care home. My father and I are freemasons so we knew about RMBI homes and had actively supported them. We spoke to the home manager at Prince George Duke of Kent Court, and someone from the home visited my parents to assess their needs.

A big room at the home had just become free, so we quickly filled out the paperwork and they moved in within a week – it was fantastic! The staff at the home are gentle and kind and, following my mother’s death, they have continued to support my father while he grieves.”

Eric is still content with his decision to move to Prince George Duke of Kent Court.

“I entered the home when my wife’s dementia reached a point when I could no longer cope as her carer. I had made her a solemn promise that no one would separate us, so I came here with her.”

Find out more about the RMBI Care Co. and their 18 homes across England and Wales here.

John and Eric