Exeter Royal Acedemy for Deaf Education
Posted: 4th November 2019

The Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education has been awarded a grant of £28,000. This grant will help to equip a multi-sensory immersive space in their new building.

Educating Deaf Students

The Academy runs a  primary school, secondary school and further education college for students who are moderately to profoundly deaf. Many students also have additional or complex needs, including physical disabilities, multi-sensory loss, autism or social, emotional and behavioural issues. These schools offer a tailored curriculum and care programme, so that students can learn and develop skills to the best of their ability.

Academy opens new building

In Easter 2020, the Academy will be moving to a new purpose built site. Designed with deaf students for deaf students, the new Academy will be an innovative environment which encourages students to thrive.

Larger classrooms, good acoustics and natural lighting will support students’ ability to learn; helping those with assistive hearing devices and encouraging visual communication through signing and lip-reading.

The new site will also double the capacity, with space for 80 students.

Immersive sensory space

This grant will fund an immersive sensory space at the new Academy.

For students who also have autism and other complex needs, sensory overload can lead to frustration and agitation, but a calming environment helps to regulate their senses. Conversely, students with multi-sensory impairments require a bright, engaging environment to help stimulate their senses, and encourage them to get active and engaged.

This new multi-sensory immersive room will be easily adaptable to meet the needs of all students, whether they require a calming or stimulating space.

Devon freemasons visit The Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education

Having previously donated £5,000 to support the Academy, Devonshire freemasons returned to present a certificate marking the £28,000 grant from the MCF.

Reuben Ayres, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, and Clive Eden met with the Director of Development, Steve Morton, and the Appeals Manager, Sarah Shaw, to find out more about their work.

Steve Morton said:

We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire and now the MCF. Without the support of generous organisations like these we wouldn’t be able to change the lives of some of the most vulnerable Deaf young people in UK.


Our work gives young people, who have been isolated in the past, access to education and opportunities for development. Ultimately, our support will enable them to have more independent lives.


The immersive room is there to help those facing the greatest challenges to benefit from our work. Ian, Reuben and their fellow freemasons have played a large part in making that a reality.

Early Years Opportunities

Our Early Years grants are helping to give children and young people the best start in life.

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