Posted: 28th June 2017

Welcome to 3rdnd edition of the Festival Focus, we are now 9 months into the Festival and in that time have made great progress in ensuring that every Lodge is fully engaged in raising much needed funds for the Masonic Charitable Foundation. I never miss an opportunity to remind brethren that we must remember when raising money for the MCF that we in Bucks have received in the past 11 years over £2.5m of support for our brethren and charities.

I am always mindful that not every Lodge can give large donations; there will always be smaller Lodges who cannot achieve large totals. However the really positive thing is that every Lodge is doing something and supporting this wonderful Province.

There have been many events held by Lodges for the Festival 2017 which have been enjoyed by all who have attended. I am sure there is a direct correlation between my waistline and the amount of events and dinners I have attended. Notable events have been

Manor of Swanburn Casino Night held in April which raised a fantastic £3275, The Murder Mystery Night arranged the Provincial events team at Missenden Abbey which raised £2500 , a Blues Brothers Night held by Bletchley Park Lodge raising over £3500 and the Grand Union Walk which saw 10 teams walk a 10km stretch of the Grand Union Canal, this included a Provincial Team led by the PGM RW Bro Gordon Robertson who’s team alone raised a magnificent £2500 for the Festival.

Brentford Locks on a rainy Saturday morning with (from left to right), Paul Waldron, Graham Dearing, Martin Wing, Fran Robertson and our PGM Gordon Robertson. The photo was taken by Mike Dearing my son who also walked.

To those events which I have not mentioned I apologies but there are so many, please keep the invites coming as I will try attending as many as possible.

You will now start to see brethren including the PGM wearing their very special

“I Took the Festival Challenge Pin”

If you have taken part in a sponsored event or done something special for the Festival, please apply for one of these pins. They can only be earned and not purchased.

All you need to do is email me at and I will send one by return of post. Just let me know what you have done. Wear it with pride.

To every Lodge and every Brother who has donated or in the process of doing so