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Nottinghamshire 2018 Festival

Nottinghamshire 2018 Festival

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In support of the grants to children and young people previously provided by the RMTGB, the Nottinghamshire 2018 Festival Appeal launched in the spring of 2012.

The Province of Nottinghamshire seeks to raise a total of £3 million during their six-year Festival Appeal.

A Freemason can qualify to become a Festival Steward by making a minimum qualifying donation of £500 towards the Appeal including Gift Aid. Ladies and Lewises may qualify to become Festival Stewards on making a minimum donation of £60 plus Gift Aid.

Qualified Freemasons and Ladies will be entitled to purchase a Festival jewel or brooch which will be issued by the Province.

Further information about the Festival can be found on Nottinghamshire’s Festival website

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You can support the Nottinghamshire 2018 Festival by learning more about the Appeal on the Provincial website or making a donation to the Festival using our form

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Online fundraisers

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Fundraising in Nottinghamshire

As Nottinghamshire enters the final 12 months of its festival the team of Festival Stewards, Hall Coordinators and the Executive remain enthusiastic and dedicated to the task of raising money for young people who need our support. Throughout the year events have been taking place with one eye firmly on fundraising while having fun in the…

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Nottinghamshire MCF Members Meeting

To all Nottinghamshire Freemasons, The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) has now been in operation for just over a year. During this time, we have achieved a great deal to bring together the work of the four central Masonic Charities, including the RMTGB, which you are supporting for your 2018 Festival appeal. I would like to…

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Our Impact

An Education: Liz

Watch Liz’s story to find out how our support has helped her grow into the independent woman that she is today, with a family of her own and a successful business.

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Jenna’s Story

Jenna is just one of the many young people who are now pursuing careers that they are passionate about, thanks to support from the MCF. Jenna had always dreamed of becoming a dentist and was thrilled when she was offered a place at university. Financial stress She applied for a loan but shortly before starting,…

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CLIC Sargent: Siobhan’s Story

CLIC Sargent Young People’s Community Worker Over the past two years, we have been funding the costs of a CLIC Sargent Young People’s Community Worker at the Royal Marsden in Surrey. The Current post-holder, Lara, helps young people who have been diagnosed with cancer, making sure that they receive age-appropriate support throughout their cancer treatment and…

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David and Christine

David and Christine moved to the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten 12 years ago, where they ran a successful business and enjoyed a comfortable life. But then Hurricane Irma hit, destroying their home and livelihood. Facing homelessness Having survived the trauma of the hurricane and its aftermath, David and Christine were evacuated to the UK.…

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