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Worcestershire 2022 Festival

Worcestershire 2022 Festival

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In support of full range of grants and services provided by the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the Worcestershire 2022 Festival launched in January 2017.

The Province of Worcestershire seeks to raise a total of £2,022,000 during the five-year Festival Appeal.

Freemasons can become a Steward of the 2022 Festival by donating £400 by the end of the appeal. This can also be paid in monthly instalments of just £8 over four years.

The Province of Worcestershire is one of the first Masonic Provinces to launch a new Festival appeal for the Foundation.

For further information about the Festival, please visit Worcestershire’s Festival website.

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You can support the Worcestershire 2022 Festival by creating your own sponsored event or making a donation to the appeal.

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Online fundraisers

1. Patrick Firminger Sponsored Weight Loss
2. Richard Macey Sponsored Weight Loss
3. Brian Phillips Motor Bike Ride
4. Taff Hill Sponsored Weight Loss
5. Dean Wagstaff Masonic Centre Cycle
7. Barry Griffin Sponsored Weight Loss
8. Mark Babington Birmingham Half Marathon
9. Wayne Barker Ride London
10. Patrick Firminger The Himbleton Ring
11. Neil Gibbs Narrowboat journey
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