Working 9 to 5

Every day, around 90 people get out of bed and make their way to our offices at Freemasons' Hall, where they work to build better lives for Freemasons, their families and the wider community. Among our workforce are a number of Freemasons who, during office hours, swap their collars for lanyards and lodge rooms for meeting rooms.

Meet the Freemasons at the MCF

W Bro Les Hutchinson, PSGD, PGStwd – Chief Operating Officer


Les started out as a Management Trainee for the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys in 1988 and worked his way up to Chief Executive. In 2016, he took on his current role as Chief Operating Officer following the merger of the four legacy charities and now oversees the day-to-day operations of the MCF. He has been a Freemason for 32 years after following in his father’s footsteps and joining as soon as he turned 21. “Being a Freemason and meeting so many Freemasons gives me a good understanding of the difficulties many are facing in their day-to-day lives. This insight, along with learning what’s important to them and the wider causes they’d like us to support, has helped to shape the MCF and the services it provides,” says Les. “I’ve seen the MCF evolve over time and feel that it is now at a place where we can meet the needs of both those we support, and those who support us – having Freemasons working within the MCF has been significant in achieving this.”

W Bro Stewart Topley, PPGSwdB – Donations Administrator


Stewart's curiosity about Freemasonry led to his initiation in 1995, and he's enjoyed being a Freemason ever since. Stewart works in the Relief Chest Scheme and feels his natural connection with the Freemasons, lodges, and provinces he works with every day, supports him in understanding the needs and motivation behind every donation. “Charity is fundamental to Freemasonry and so our donations department is incredibly important to the MCF. Being a Freemason allows me to ensure the service I provide to our donors is one that I would want to receive myself.”

Bro Guy Roberts – Press Officer


After watching his father attend lodge meetings for many years, Guy decided to follow in his footsteps and join Freemasonry. At work, Guy draws upon his knowledge of Freemasonry when supporting local and national charities. “Freemasonry can be very complex and bewildering to those people who don’t have first-hand experience of it, not to mention the myths that can be associated with it. Being a Freemason allows me to provide an honest and accurate picture of Freemasonry to charities working in wider society, who are always very positive and receptive to the work that we do.”

W Bro Paul Crockett, PSGD, AProvGM – Fundraising Manager


Paul joined Freemasonry after becoming interested through his father-in-law. “I used to drop my father-in-law to meetings and got to know some of the members and decided that it might be good fun to join. Eventually there came a day when I realised that I’d like to turn my hobby into my day job. Originally I intended to join the MCF’s Fundraising Committee, a voluntary role which helps guide the MCF’s fundraising policies and procedures, but I soon realised I wanted to work for the MCF on a permanent basis, so I’m now the Fundraising Manager. I think being a member brings a greater understanding of Freemasonry into the office and has been really helpful for me, particularly in my role supporting provinces in festival.”

W Bro Mike Martin, LGR – Provincial Engagement Manager


Mike became interested in Freemasonry after researching it in the 1980s. His interest was piqued, and he asked a friend if he could join. After his initiation, he began working for The Freemasons’ Grand Charity in 2009 and was involved with much of the policy work leading up to the creation of the MCF. His role as the Provincial Engagement Manager is dedicated to supporting volunteers in their roles within their provinces. “Being a Freemason really benefits me in my role. It means I have a common bond with the guys I’m training and it allows me build rapport very quickly, which helps to put our Visiting Volunteers at ease.”

W Bro Julian Elcock – Relief Chest Administrator


Julian's love of socialising combined with his charitable nature, led him to join Freemasonry in 2007. "Being a Freemason has made my work much easier because a lot of the terminology that I come across every day, are words that I already understand from being a part of Freemasonry – I don't have to go away and ask someone to 'translate'!"