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General advice before you start your application

  • Try writing out the application in Word and then copying and pasting into the application form, this will make it easier to edit if you need to.
  • Even if you have applied to us before, please write your application as if it’s for a new audience.
  • Keep it simple and include the key points, avoiding jargon.
  • If using acronyms, please explain what they are for the first time so that we know what they mean.
  • Ensure that your figures add up – check and triple check.
  • You don’t have to use all of the word count and avoid repetition. Remember, we read lots of applications and it really helps us if you are concise. Similarly, please think about the formatting so it’s not just one long paragraph.
  • Ask someone who doesn’t know your organisation to read your application – does it make sense? Can they get a picture of what your organisation does? Can they identify the key points?
  • Make sure that the Charity Commission number and your contact details are correct so that we are able to get in touch with you.
  • Please complete the application form in full and don’t rely on supporting documents, You can upload up to two to support your application , for example evaluation reports, impact report, annual report and case studies.

About your charity

1. When was your charity established? E.g. 1985

2. Please provide a brief description of your charity and its work (Max. 700 characters, approx. 100 words) Please give us some basic details about your organisation and who you assist

Please summarise what your organisation does, where you work, who you help and why. This is the vital context that many organisations forget to convey. Even if you have applied to us before, please write your application as if it’s for a new audience.

  • This should include services provided by the entire organisation
  • Who you assist – who your beneficiaries are
  • The locality that your organisation operates in or whether it operates nationwide

3. Have you previously received funding from a Masonic organisation in the past? Please detail (Max. 700 characters, approx. 100 words). This includes Provincial Masonic charities and local Lodge donations. We are particularly interested in any donations received in the last year. Please include the name of the donor organisation and the amount. Please note this will not impact on your application in any

 We are interested to know if your organisation has been supported by any other Masonic organisations.

  • We are particularly interested in any donations that your charity may have received in the last year
  • This includes any Provincial or Lodge donations

Please include the name of the donor organisation and the amount.

N.B. This will not impact on your application in any way

4. What was the total income of your charity in your last financial year? This can usually be found in the Income section of your annual accounts. Please note your annual income needs to be above £500,000 to qualify for a large grant

About your project

5. Which of the MCF Target Groups does your charity help?
a) Creating the Best Start for Disadvantaged Children and Young People
b) Reducing Isolation in Later Life

6. What is the name of your project?

7. Please tell us who the project is for and why it is needed? (Max. 1,400 characters, approx. 200 words)

    • What issue is the project addressing?
    • How do you know there is demand for it
    • Who does the project support (age-range, gender etc.), what are their needs and how will you identify them/how do they hear about the project?

8. Please describe the activities of the project and how it is delivered (Max. 1,400 characters, approx. 200 words)

    • What does the delivery involve, e.g. counselling, workshops, mentoring, activity groups, what is the frequency and length of the project?
    • Where does it take place, is any provision made to help get them there, are there any charges for them to attend?
    • What difference has it made to date, or what difference do you hope it will make and how will you capture this?

9. How many potential beneficiaries will this project help? Please tell us how this was calculated. (Maximum 700 characters, approximately 100 words)

How many people will be supported by the project over the period of the grant?

  • Eg, the total number of potential beneficiaries supported by the entire project, the total number of potential beneficiaries supported by the MCF grant

N.B. You can include information regarding identification of beneficiaries in this section if you run out of words in the Project Summary.

10. Where in England and/or Wales will you project take place?

Please note the MCF only funds projects where the beneficiaries are in England and/or Wales.

11. What will the grant help to do?
a) Run an existing service
b) Expand an existing service
c) Launch a new service

12. Please detail what part of the project you would like the MCF to fund (Max. 1400 characters, approx. 200 words) Please tell us what specific area of the project MCF funds will be used for, e.g. a job role

  • What are you asking the MCF to fund and how this this fit with the whole project? Eg, staff costs, venue hire, materials etc.
  • What period you would like the MCF funding for?

N.B. If you are running out of word count on the Project Summary, you may wish to include in this section any delivery of the project, including staff roles that the grant request is to fund.

13. What is the total project cost? This is the total cost of the whole project, not just the part you would like funded by the MCF.

Please ensure that these figures are correct.

  • The total project cost means the amount over the whole grant period (i.e. 1, 2,or 3 years) that the project will cost the charity.
  • If applying for part funding, please do not just calculate the grant being requested from MCF.

14. What is the total value of the grant you wish to apply for? The minimum large grant request is £10,000. If requesting multi-year funding, this is the total of ALL years combined, e.g. if requesting £20,000 in year 1 and £10,000 in year 2, the total value of the grant will be £30,000.

15. How many years would you like this grant divided over? The maximum length of a grant is 3 years.

16. If requesting part funding, please identify how you will seek the remainder? (Max. 350 characters, approx. 50 words) It would help us to understand how you see the whole project being funded. This can include Trusts, Foundations, statutory or other funders.

Please tell us how the remainder is being funded and you may wish to tell us:

  • Funding already secured – include names of trusts and foundations or statutory sources
  • Intentions to apply for funding – and to whom

17. When do you need funding to start? Please note this must be in the future and not before the final approval outcome date of grant round you are applying for. Unfortunately the MCF cannot provide retrospective funding

Please provide a date when you will require the funding. Please take note of the outcome date of the grant round you are applying for. The MCF cannot provide retrospective funding.

If the project starts prior to the outcome date, then you can include this information in the ‘Part of the Project to Fund.

18. How did you first hear about the availability of grants from the Masonic Charitable Foundation?

In addition you may upload one supporting document to help your application, e.g. outcomes of a successful pilot or evidence of the success of an existing/previous programme.

Further information

For further information about our Charity Grants programmes or to discuss an application, please call 020 3146 3337 or email

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