The Masonic Charitable Foundation has introduced a permanent Honorifics Programme which is intended to acknowledge the generosity of our donors and recognise their importance to the charity. The table below outlines the qualifying levels all of which will be marked by the issue of an appropriate certificate.

   Vice Patron  Patron  Grand Patron

 (individual giving)

 £2,000  £4,000  £6,000

 (individual giving)

 £1,000  £2,000  £3,000
 Lodges  £10,000  £20,000  £40,000
 Chapters and other  organisations  £5,000  £10,000  £20,000

  • These honorifics are permanent and are intended to reflect “lifetime” giving.
  • All honorifics will be awarded on the basis of donations received.
  • Donations made to Festivals will count towards MCF permanent honorifics.
  • Gift Aid will count towards individual giving totals.
  • Individual Giving will not count towards Lodges or Chapters and Other Organisations qualification totals.
  • Chapters and Other Organisations means Chapters, other Orders and all other organisations such as Associations, Clubs, Societies and Groups with a Masonic association to include Ladies Associations, Clubs, Societies and Groups.
  • Lewis refers to the uninitiated son of a Freemason.