As well as funding core operating costs, our hospice grants are enhancing the support available for bereaved families

Hospice UK partnership

We're working with Hospice UK to widen access to local hospice bereavement services and improve the wellbeing of bereaved families.

Building on a long-standing legacy of Freemasons supporting hospice services, our partnership with Hospice UK aims to deliver significant change in the palliative care sector by targeting funding where it is most needed and to create a lasting impact on local communities.

This year the focus is on widening access to local hospice bereavement services

When a loved one dies, their carers not only lose the person themselves but also their own role and identity as a carer. Many people have made great personal sacrifices to care for the person, and the ending of this responsibility frequently triggers a range of powerful emotions as well as practical challenges and questions about the future. At the same time, they often lose the connection with and support of those organisations that were helping to care for the person, with their daily routine changing greatly. People can feel abandoned at a time when they may also be facing changes to their financial situation and practical responsibilities such as arranging the funeral. The better the support offered before someone’s death, the better the bereavement outcome for their carer.

With the rate of deaths set to rise over the next 20 years, there will inevitably be more bereaved people seeking support. It is imperative that services are increased and improved now to meet the rising need.

This partnership will enable hospices to initiate, build or develop locally-delivered approaches to bereavement care, tailored to the needs of their communities.

Grants to fund essential services

We help to fund day-to-day care at hospices across England and Wales that receive 60 per cent or less of their funding from the NHS


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