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We are committed to supporting older people

Through our Later Life Inclusion grants, we are supporting charities that help people to overcome barriers to actively participate in society in their later years.

These grants will help people in who face social isolation or loneliness due to reasons such as financial hardship, care responsibilities, a decline in physical or mental health, or life transitions including retirement or bereavement. Our support will help to provide a range of services to support the physical and emotional needs of people as they age, including community-based programmes and access to healthcare, transport and technology.

Supporting lonely older people like Bill

Age UK partnership

This year we launched  a £1 million, three-year partnership with Age UK to fund a new project called Later Life Goals

Watch the video to find out how this partnership will help people like Bill

This grant will allow the Later Life Goals project to roll out in 13 areas across England and Wales, benefiting 10,000 older people

Through Later Life Goals, Age UK will offer tailored support to older people going through major life transitions such as bereavement, a partner going into care, retirement, financial hardship, reduced mobility or a serious health diagnosis. The project will focus on the wider goals that each person hopes to achieve rather than solely on their immediate problems, including loneliness.

Through face-to-face sessions, often in the person’s home, Age UK’s advisors will help older people to identify their goals for later life such as ‘to have more money’ or ‘to get out more’. Once goals have been set, the advisor will help the person to identify the skills, support and social networks they will need to achieve those goals.

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Further information

For further information about our Charity Grants programmes or to discuss an application, please call 020 3146 3337 or email charitygrants@mcf.org.uk