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Ian and Sheila’s Story


Ian and Sheila from Northamptonshire are just one of the many families that have been assisted by the Advice and Support Team.

Sheila has Alzheimer’s as well as osteoporosis and is highly dependent on her husband Ian for care. Unfortunately, Ian is currently undergoing treatment for mouth and lung cancer, which makes caring for Sheila even more difficult. Ian said:

“When you care for someone like Sheila, you don’t get a single minute to yourself. It is a constant drain. I do everything for Sheila – I do all the cooking and cleaning and wash, bathe and dress her.”

They underwent a carer’s assessment from the Local Authority, who agreed to part-fund respite care. However the grant Ian and Sheila were offered was not enough to afford residential care or home-care suitable for Sheila’s complex needs.

When Ian’s Almoner realised that they were struggling, he put them in touch with a member of the Advice and Support team. Ian said

“The application process was easy. Judy from the Advice & Support Team went through everything with us. It was so simple – we couldn’t have had better help. I think we would have struggled with the forms alone but she filled it in with us.

“The whole process was also much quicker than I thought it would be. We had approval within a few days.

The respite funding has helped us immensely. It takes away the tension that I often feel and helps us both to feel more relaxed. It’s not just having the respite breaks that helps, but simply knowing that the option is there.


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