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Jean and Lindsey’s Story


When 88-year-old Jean’s mobility deteriorated, she and her daughter Lindsey made the difficult decision to move into a home

“Our first contact with the charity was after my mother had been living with us at home for 18 years. Getting in and out of bed started to become a problem, so the Masonic Charitable Foundation helped by providing an electric chair for her room that she could sleep in if she was unable to get back into bed in the night.  Eventually, she was only able to be comfortable during the day in a supportive chair, meaning she spent most of the time in her bedroom.  She wanted to be part of the family downstairs and not isolated from everyone so we got in touch with the MCF to see if we could get help.  They provided us with a second chair for downstairs so Mum could be part of the family again and this made such a difference to her life.

“Mum’s health began to decline after she had a fall and broke her femur. It became clear that she would have limited mobility and our home just wasn’t suitable for a wheelchair. Mum needed more care than could be provided at home we realised we would have to look for a care home.”

It was important to Lindsey that the home they chose could meet Jean’s significant physical needs whilst also offering engaging activities. As Jean’s husband was a Freemason, the family could apply for a place at a Masonic Care Home.

“The whole process was seamless and quick,” said Lindsey. “Our Almoner and a member of the Advice & Support Team came round to chat about our options and helped us fill in the forms. We then went and had a look around Cornwallis Court and found the environment and staff really welcoming and friendly. It is not easy to make the decision to look for full-time care, even when you know this is the only option, and the support and advice we received certainly helped to ease our minds.  They were just so lovely throughout the whole thing.”

I feel confident that between us we’ve made the right choice for Mum and she will be happy at Cornwallis Court.  The whole family are made welcome, staff are very caring and there is a homely feel to the place.

Masonic Care Homes

If you or someone you know is interested in moving into a Masonic Care Home, contact our Enquiries Team by emailing or call 0800 035 60 90

Watch the video to find out more about life at a Masonic Care Home >>


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