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Jigsaw Trust


The Jigsaw Trust received £5,000 to help them support adults with autism

Jigsaw Trust provides educational, vocational and wellbeing services for children and adults with autism, learning disabilities and other communication and behavioural difficulties. The charity aspires to provide high quality education and learning opportunities to people with autism, throughout their lifetime.

The charity operates a number of services which benefit both children and adults alike. The Jigsaw School provides full time education, as well as life skills training, for children aged 4-19; Jigsaw+ supports adults who have left school, helping them to continue in their educational and personal development; and the Café on the Park gives pupils and adults employment and work experience.

Jigsaw Trust has recently expanded its services for adults by launching the Centre for Lifelong Learning which strives to further support people as they transition from school into adulthood. This period is particularly challenging for people with autism, as they try to make sense of, and communicate with, the world around them.

In 2016, Jigsaw Trust received a grant of £5,000 which will fund a therapeutic Sensory Room, a safe space to encourage learning and interaction.

We were delighted to be awarded a grant of £5,000 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation.  This money will help to kit out a Sensory Room in our new Centre for Lifelong Learning for adults with autism. This facility will combine a range of stimuli to help clients develop and engage their senses.  Many of our clients have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities and sensory impairments and this room will encourage learning and interaction with the world around them in a safe environment.  We are all incredibly grateful to the Masonic Charitable Foundation for their amazing support.

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