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It was through my work as a nurse and midwife that I became interested in better care for the elderly. After getting married and having children, we moved around a lot but eventually we settled in Surrey. I spotted an advert for a job: ‘Manager wanted to open a new home for the RMBI’.


Of course, back then I didn’t know what the RMBI (Royal Masonic Benevolent Fund) was or much about freemasonry, but I got the job managing Shannon Court anyway! After ten years I decided that I wanted something different, although I didn’t want to leave because I really believed in the charity. Fortunately, a job opened up managing the Advice & Support Team – there were only three of us back then – and I’ve been leading the team ever since. Over time we continued to push what we were and what we could offer, and eventually expanded the team to 13 members, working right across the country.


I love making a difference and I love working for an organisation that I’m proud of. We all work really hard and I enjoy seeing us succeed. I think we are really appreciated by the Provincial Grand Almoners, the rest of the MCF and the people we visit.

Maggie, Advice & Support Manager

Our Impact


I’m originally from Sri Lanka and before moving over here I worked as an accountant. I joined the Relief Chest 17 years ago, initially managing the donations, but over the years I got back into the accounting side of things. I now do all the accounts for the scheme which I enjoy because I like…

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I’ve been a freemason for many years but had to retire some years ago because of my mobility. Following an operation to replace my knees, I contracted sepsis and I ended up having four emergency operations. The sepsis damaged my heart and I nearly died twice.   I’ve been left with only 15 degrees of…

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I moved from Africa to the UK in 1988, and settled in Harrow, North London. I started off in the corporate world working for the National Lottery, but then had a career break to have my two children. Once they were all grown up, I came and worked for The Freemasons’ Grand Charity as I…

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Well,  I’ve been with the masonic charities for over thirty years, having joined the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB) back in 1988!   I come from a strong masonic family – my father and uncles were all keen freemasons. When the job came up it was advertised throughout the provinces, including my…

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