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Skye’s Story


TalentAid funding has allowed Skye to pursue her ambitions of competing internationally in Judo

Skye is a talented young Judo player who, thanks to the support she receives from the TalentAid scheme, has been able to pursue her ambitions of competing internationally.

Skye has Turner Syndrome which affects her growth and development, as well mild autism and global development delay which causes her to struggle with reading and writing.

Skye’s parents introduced her to Judo when she was seven as a positive way of channelling the frustration that she experiences as a result of her condition. Since then, she has achieved her highest yellow belt and has excelled in both mainstream and Special Needs competitions.

In order to qualify for team selection, it has been essential for Skye to compete internationally, but her family found it difficult to meet the costs associated with competing.

Skye’s grandfather is a Freemason and she was encouraged to apply for TalentAid funding. Her application was successful and she now receives financial support to cover the costs of entry fees, travel and accommodation.

Thanks to this support, and the hard work she puts in, Skye has since qualified for the Special Needs International GB Squad, winning gold and silver medals in international competitions.


TalentAid helps the children and grandchildren of Freemasons who are exceptionally talented in music, sport or the performing arts.

Grants can be awarded to assist with ongoing costs such as sports coaching, advanced music lessons and the purchase of one-off items such as a musical instrument or sports equipment.

For more information and how to apply for a TalentAid Grant, visit >>

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