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Steve’s Story


Steve’s illness prevented him from leaving the house and seeing his friends and family. We funded a mobility scooter which has given him a new lease of life.

Steve has severe lung problems that affect his whole body as well as pulmonary hypertension which is a terminal blood vessel disorder. As a result of his health conditions, Steve has reduced mobility and was unable to do the things he wanted.

“I was struggling. I couldn’t go out. I couldn’t walk more than 15 feet.

“I never had fresh air and I sat in the dining room for months on end, watching daytime TV and looking out at the rain. I couldn’t visit my daughters and I relied on a friend of mine to take me to Lodge meetings.

“I fell down the stairs two or three times; it was at this point that my Almoner suggested I apply to the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

“The Foundation provided a stairlift which has meant I haven’t had any more falls, as well  as a mobility  scooter  which  means I can travel with my oxygen tank with ease. The Foundation also pays for yearly services and insurance against faults which gives me peace of mind. My friends and  daughters  live  within  two  miles and once I’m on the scooter I can go wherever I like!

Medically, there is nothing anyone can do for me, but psychologically it’s made a huge difference. It has given me a life again.

“It’s also a relief to know that when my condition deteriorates, the Foundation will be there for my wife, Sharon, if she needs support”

Mobility Grants

Our grants can meet the cost of home adaptations and supplying and maintaining mobility equipment including scooters, stairlifts, power chairs and hoists.  Grants for specialist or bespoke equipment for young people with severe and life-limiting disabilities are also available.

For more information about the support available and how to apply, contact our enquiries team >>

Our Impact

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Jean and Lindsey’s Story

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