We want everyone in society to feel supported through illness and have timely access to the treatment they need to live a healthy, happy life. For people like Keith, being diagnosed with a medical condition can be stressful and scary, and delays and restrictions on treatment can cause tremendous emotional and physical distress. We support members of the masonic community facing a lengthy NHS wait by funding private medical treatment, as well as support services and medical research studies to benefit the wider community.

“I initially struggled with my left knee and had quite a traumatic time waiting for an operation to treat it.” Explains Keith. “When my right knee started to become sore, I went to the doctors as soon as possible but this time, I had a 30 week wait just to get an appointment. I tried going to the physio, something I paid for out of my own pocket, and it just didn’t help.

One day, I was chatting to another brother in my lodge who had recently had a heart operation. He told me all about the support he received from the MCF, as he too had been facing a long wait on the NHS. I haven’t got lots of savings or any benefits, and I just live on what comes in, so I emailed my almoner and he told me to apply directly to the charity to see if they could support me, and thankfully they could.

The MCF paid for my knee operation which was just fantastic – it’s been such a success, and hopefully I won’t be needing to see my surgeon again.

I’m out walking my dog and picking up the paper again. I even work 4 mornings a week and am a treasurer at a local group on top of being the secretary for my lodge!


My new knees are enabling me to do all these things without a second thought. There’s nothing really that is holding my wife and I back anymore.”