Kids Inspire
Posted: 22nd January 2018

Kids Inspire has been awarded £52,000 to help support young people who have experienced trauma or mental health issues.

Kids Inspire provides support to children and young people from all parts of Essex who are at an educational, social or economic disadvantage resulting from trauma or emerging mental health issues. This grant will fund the role of a specialist Creative Psychotherapist for the next two years.

Essex Freemason, Rodney Bass OBE, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to support a charity that does so much wonderful work in all parts of the County. This is the latest of many such grants from both the MCF and local Freemasons which now exceeds more than £1 million every year.”

“It is yet another example of the real difference that Essex Freemasons can make in the community with its support for literally hundreds of good causes; organisations that represent the things that really matter to local people.”

Supporting children affected by trauma or mental health issues

Kids Inspire helps children and young people displaying a wide range of different behaviours which can often be misinterpreted as being ‘naughty’, resulting in exclusion from class or school.  Such children often lack friendships and can be victims of bullying.  Despite the complex nature of their issues, these children frequently do not meet the high threshold which qualifies them for other support, particularly from statutory services.

Kids Inspire are currently experiencing high demand and an increased level of complexity in their cases, indicating that mental health issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in Essex as access to other services in the area is becoming scarcer.

All children and young people are referred to Kids Inspire by education providers, GPs and other statutory and voluntary agencies. In some cases further support for the siblings and adults in the child’s life is required to achieve the best outcomes.  Parents struggling with social isolation or disadvantage will also be supported to reduce the impact on the child.

Creative Therapy

CEO Sue Bell said: “Kids Inspire uses Creative Psychotherapists, which this grant will help fund, to work with these children, enabling them to express themselves through image and metaphor, using clinically proven techniques and a multidisciplinary approach.  Creative therapy techniques such as music, art, games, role play or stories allow children to explore their feelings in a safe way.”

The root causes of their behaviours are identified and addressed, rather than simply treating the symptoms.  The Psychotherapist helps children to develop coping mechanisms, enabling them to build and maintain their resilience after the support ends.  Each child develops awareness of their feelings, learning to self-regulate and improving their ability to make positive choices.”