Ley Community
Posted: 15th May 2017

The Ley Community, a rehabilitation centre based in Yarnton in Oxfordshire, has received a grant of £33,000 to fund a new healthy eating initiative that will aid residents in their recovery.

Experience at the centre has shown that many addicts will begin their rehabilitation malnourished and underweight. Residents quickly benefit from a healthier diet and research shows that adding exercise to treatment reinforces the effects of recovery.

The grant will help 90 people by giving them a diet that eliminates junk foods and added sugar. A nutritional consultant will help with personalised goal-setting and diet plans; cooking workshops and advice on budgeting for meals will help with long-term behavioural change.

The programme will also involve daily exercise sessions and sporting activities. Those with specific injuries or other medical conditions will be given one-to-one personal training.

Roger Hampshire from Oxfordshire Freemasons said:

“We’re very pleased to help the Ley Community. Addiction is a life-destroying condition and the Community are doing wonderful work helping people to overcome their problems, saving lives and putting families back together.”

Darren Worthington, Chairman at The Ley Community said:

“We are most grateful to the Freemasons for their generous grant which is helping us launch our new ‘Eating and Exercise for Recovery’ programme which will help 90 people overcome their addiction over the lifetime of the pilot scheme and hopefully many more in the future.”

Watch the video to discover the positive impact this grant is having on residents in recovery