Literacy Pirates
Posted: 3rd October 2019

The Literacy Pirates charity has been awarded a grant of £15,000 to support children who are struggling in school.

Ship of Adventures

Up to 200 children in Hackney aged 9-13 who are struggling in school or with challenging personal circumstances have been given an unconventional opportunity to improve their literacy, confidence and perseverance.

The grant will help children to reach their full potential with after-school sessions in The Literacy Pirates’ very own galleon – the Ship of Adventures. The Dalston-based project invites offers teacher-led support in an exciting learning environment at the pivotal age between primary and secondary school where progress can slow significantly.

Closing the literacy gap

Many of the children supported have challenging home lives and fewer opportunities, which can impact their literacy skills. On average, the 9 year-olds who attend have reading and writing skills which are 13 months behind their peers, and the 11 year-olds’ are 28 months behind their peers.

Each after-school session starts with one-to-one reading support from local volunteers, and reading tests are completed at the beginning and end of a term to monitor progress. Throughout the year, the “Young Pirates” will create and publish three products: a book, a film, and an app. A graduation ceremony at the end of the year attended by the young people’s families and schools further boosts their confidence.

London freemasons visit the Literacy Pirates

Jude Williams, CEO of The Literacy Pirates, said:

“We’re very grateful to London freemasons for their generous grant. We work with young people at a crucial time in their education, supporting them to develop their literacy, confidence and perseverance. Our approach helps them become fully rounded learners who are able to achieve at school and in the wider world”.

Adrian Fox from London freemasons, said:

“We’re very pleased to help the Literacy Pirates. It’s no exaggeration to say that their work is potentially life-changing. Once children fall seriously behind at school, they will often never catch up. This is a real chance for these children to overcome their difficulties and reach their full potential.”