Posted: 24th August 2017

Two intrepid Freemasons from Loughborough will be conquering their fears and taking to the open skies to raise money for the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Digby Lund and Tony Andrews, both of the Lodge of Science and Art No.8429 which meets in Loughborough, have agreed to jump off a cliff in Malaga from a great height and using a paraglider, landing a few thousand feet below. They will be piloted by an experienced paraglider, Antonio.

Digby said: “I know we must be potty but it’s for a great cause and we each have our own reason for doing it.”

He continued: “In Tony’s case, he’s been doing a great job dieting and could only do the jump if he achieved a target weight. In my case, I really am terrified of heights so it’s doing something to try & overcome that fear.”

Tony said: “At the appropriate moment, when the wind is up, we get told to start running towards the edge of the cliff and not to stop until we’re airborne. We then fly about for 10-15 minutes before a hopefully nice soft landing on the beach below.”

The jump is planned for the 2nd September 2017 where the brethren will also been joined by Digby’s wife, Yvonne.

The 2022 Festival for the Masonic Charitable Foundation aims to raise £1.8 million by Leicestershire and Rutland Freemasons over the next 5 years. The Masonic Charitable Foundation is one of the largest grant-making charities in the country and last year gave away nearly £5 million to the wider community.

The Provincial Grand Master of Leicestershire and Rutland, David Hagger said: “I wish Digby and Tony a safe jump and thank them for their support in raising money for the Masonic Charitable Foundation.”

You can sponsor Digby and Tony here >>