What is the Relief Chest Scheme?

The Relief Chest Scheme allows lodges, chapters, provinces and other masonic groups to save time, take control and give more to the charities they support.

Purpose-built for freemasonry, the Relief Chest Scheme offers donor advised funds called Relief Chests within which donations can be securely held until you are ready to make a payment to a registered charity.

Today, there are 4,840 Relief Chests holding funds which total £22.4 million.

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Why open a Relief Chest?

Save time

Having a Relief Chest will save you time. A Relief Chest is quick to set up and simple to manage, reducing the burden of administering donations. There is no need to deal with accountants, lawyers, banks or HMRC.

Donations can be made into a Relief Chest in a number of quick and easy ways, including online, over the telephone, by text or by post.

Take control

Having a Relief Chest allows you to take control of your lodge’s giving with the capability to raise funds for multiple charities and appeals and keep track with regular statements and reports. Requests to make a payment to a registered charity can be made at any time.

Give more

Using the Relief Chest Scheme means donations go even further.

  • Gift Aid is automatically reclaimed on all eligible donations, boosting every £1 donated by 25p.
  • The online sponsorship platform and fundraising support can help you to raise more money.
  • A favourable interest rate is earned on all funds held in a Relief Chest.