MCF donation The Forge Scunthorpe May14th
Posted: 29th May 2018

Meeting a growing demand

The Forge Project in Scunthorpe has been awarded  a grant of £3,000 to help support people facing poverty and homelessness. The service is facing greater demands than ever before, and this latest donation will help to fund a part-time support worker to help meet the growing need.

Creating a safe and supportive environment

As well as food, warmth and a friendly atmosphere, the charity’s Day Centre staff provide support, signposting and referral to other organisations where required. The Forge has established partnerships with local housing authorities, drug agencies, mental health agencies and social and private landlords, and is a hub at which those in need can access services in a safe and supportive environment. By working closely with these agencies they are able to get help to where it is needed quickly.

The centre is now open for five mornings a week to provide support with a range of issues, and three afternoons a week for creative work. Lunches are provided, cooked by the service users themselves, and there are shower and laundry facilities.

Scunthorpe Freemasons joined some of The Forge’s service users in a creative writing workshop.

Andrea said: “A number of factors, including changes in the benefits system, have meant numbers attending our Day Centre have almost doubled, and we can only see these numbers increasing.  We say The Forge is about opportunities for change; it’s about helping people to help themselves, and build in them the resilience to be able to do that.”

Freemason Stuart Pearcey said: “The funds from the Masonic Charitable Foundation – to which all of the UK’s Freemasons contribute – are an example of how we can support the work of non-Masonic organisations. Having funds available means that people working in support of the community can make a more effective contribution than they would otherwise be able to do.”