Pride Month has been an incredibly exciting period for us at the MCF, as we opened up the conversation about issues that members of the LGBTQIA+ community face, and celebrated their achievements. We have spoken with people we’ve supported, hosted activities for staff in our office, and most recently took part in the UK’s largest queer celebration at Pride in London.

On 1 July, over a million people paraded to recognise and celebrate the rights of people from the LGBTQIA+ community. This year’s parade not only marked 51 years since the inaugural march in the capital but also saw a historic moment with the Freemasonry, represented by UGLE and MCF, proudly joining in for the very first time. We were accompanied by dedicated staff from UGLE and RMBI Care Co., as well as Freemasons, their families and friends, and allies. The event was filled with warmth and acceptance as we celebrated our commitment to inclusivity and working together to build a better future.

Throughout the month of June, our staff engaged in a series of activities centred around the theme of pride. Led by our colleagues, Ames and Caitlin, we extended an open invitation for everyone to share inspiring stories of queer icons who have made an impact on their lives. These testimonials were showcased on our office screens, providing captivating reads within our workspace. On 27 June, Ames and Caitlin also hosted an interactive workshop which covered important topics related to LGBTQIA+ communities, and educated staff on how to be better allies.

The work we have done to support people from the queer community

Freemason Paul, who is registered blind, had been on a waiting list for a new guide dog. Unfortunately, his application was rejected by the local authority due to the lack of secure fencing in his garden. Realising the growing challenges he faced without a guide dog, Paul, together with his supportive partner, reached out to us for help. With the support of an MCF Visiting Volunteer, they successfully completed the application, and shortly after received a grant to install a new fence.

Even though my request was outside of the MCF’s remit, they kindly considered this individual case and awarded the money to erect a new fence. Without this, I wouldn’t have been able to take possession of my new guide dog, Stevie, who has increased my self-confidence and independence greatly.


Not only did we reach out to Freemasons who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, but also allies. MCF Trustee, Tony Harvey spoke to us about the importance of being an ally to those of the LGBTQIA+ community as a Freemason.



Ellen Coleman (left) joined by her colleague and members of Cheshire Freemasons

We are also funding programmes for charities that carry out excellent work to support the queer community – one example being St Luke’s Hospice in Cheshire. Last year, we gave the charity a grant of £22,000 to help improve hospice services for queer patients, as research shows that many LGBTQIA+ people avoid accessing health and social care services due to fear of discrimination.

LGBTQ+ Development Facilitator, Ellen Coleman, is tackling this in three hospices across Cheshire by providing resources, making policy changes, ensuring any paperwork is inclusive and that staff have access to meaningful training to support queer people in a range of contexts. She filled us in about the importance and success of this project, and how it’s making a difference in these hospices:

The project has received such amazing support, and was made possible by the immensely generous financial support of the MCF’s partnership with Hospice UK. The MCF support has meant that the work we have been doing remains a focus and continues to make consistent progress. Both staff and volunteers across our hospices have engaged in all aspects of the project and have shared great feedback regarding the LGBTQ+ Awareness Training they have accessed through the project.

Ellen, LGBTQ+ Development Facilitator

We hope you have enjoyed hearing about our Pride Month activities as much as we’ve enjoyed taking part in them! Until next year, we will continue to work towards building a better future at the MCF, in the Freemasonry community, and in wider society.

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