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Masonic Support


Our masonic support team helps Freemasons and their families to access the wide range of financial, health, family and care support available from the MCF. There are several teams within the masonic support department:

Advice, Support & Enquiries Team

A team of Advisers works regionally across England and Wales offering face-to-face or telephone advice on a wide range of issues, including helping people to complete applications for support from the MCF, apply for state and local authority benefits, and access support from other charities.

The team responds to all enquiries, starting applications for those eligible for support or signposting to alternative sources of help. They work with Advisers and a network of trained and approved volunteers to gather information for grant applications.

The team works closely with grants staff to prepare applications for consideration.


The grants team works directly with Freemasons and their family members who are in need of support. They assess applications and organise grant payments.

The team works closely with our Advice, Support and Enquiries Team and a network of trained and approved volunteers who help individuals to complete their applications.

Provincial support

The provincial support team works directly with a network of volunteers from the masonic community who help Freemasons and their families to learn more about the MCF and apply for support. The team trains and manages volunteers, and produces resources that help them to carry out their important role.


Charity grants


The charity grants team works directly with other charities who are applying for funding. The team processes applications, offers advice to prospective applicants and awards grants.



The fundraising team helps to coordinate and encourage the fundraising efforts of donors, as well as managing legacy donations.

The team works with a network of volunteers who encourage charitable giving in their local communities, and individual legacy donors.




The finance team is responsible for managing the MCF’s assets, and ensures that our beneficiaries and suppliers receive payments quickly.

Relief Chest Scheme

The Relief Chest Scheme team is responsible for managing donations.  The team deals with incoming donations, as well as disbursing these donations within the MCF and to other charitable causes on behalf of Freemasons. The team also provides technical support to help donors to manage their fundraising efforts.

The team works directly with individual donors and a network of volunteers who help to encourage and coordinate charitable giving in their local communities.




The communications department helps to promote our work to Freemasons and their families, the charity sector and the wider public through a wide range of digital and print channels.




The strategy team develops policies to guide our work and monitors and evaluates the impact of our grants and services.


Human Resources


The HR department supports staff at both the MCF and the RMBI Care Co.

The Human Resources department is responsible for ensuring that we have the right people processes and procedures in place to have a fully engaged and motivated workforce.

This starts with attracting the right people to the MCF with a recruitment process that identifies individuals who demonstrate the MCF values, engaging new starters with a buddy and comprehensive induction programme to help them understand how we do things at the MCF and providing ongoing support for all staff with training and development opportunities.

As a result of MCF and RMBI Care Co.’s involvement in Learning at Work Week, the organisation has accelerated its progress towards becoming a Menopause Friendly organisation, and was commended by the Open University Business School Impact Award for Supporting Business and Organisational Goals!

The week has also enabled MCF and RMBI Care Co. to strengthen its wellbeing offering to colleagues and improve its ability to recruit and retain its workforce.



The administration team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office and provides additional administrative support other MCF departments, such as masonic support and charity grants.

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