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Our Impact

Read more about how we use the generous donations of Freemasons to help Masonic families and registered charities

Tony: Visiting Volunteer

Tony, 62, is a Visiting Volunteer from the Province of Hertfordshire, responsible for helping people complete their applications for support.

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Rachel and Grace

We supported nine-year-old Grace with an autism assessment so that she could get the most out of her education

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Mark’s Story

Four years ago Jacqui was involved in a serious car accident that left her with permanent brain injuries. Now her husband Mark and their daughters Ella and Grace spend time with her at the specialist ward that is now Jacqui’s home.

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Small Steps

Small Steps works with children at the early stages of their development, helping to build new skills and improve mobility. Small Steps also helps parents with practical advice and emotional support during the often stressful period of diagnosis and understanding of a child’s disability.

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School of Hard Knocks

The School of Hard Knocks received £92,000 to support their work in South Wales, using rugby and mentoring to help young people who are risk of exclusion.

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Support the future

Support our work and help us continue to provide educational expenses and university scholarships for children and young people.

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Beverley Community Lift

Beverley Community Lift provides a caring and supportive community transport service, which gives elderly, disabled and rurally isolated people the chance to be mobile and socially connected.

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We provide support to Freemasons, their families and the wider community

Facts about our work last year...



grants were awarded to masonic families

£12.3 M


helped to support Masonic families

£8.5 M


was awarded to 414 charities