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If you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, it is essential that you seek immediate assistance. Please reach out to charity Mind, who can provide you with the necessary support to ensure your safety.

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Mental health support

We can help Freemasons and their families access mental health support if they’re feeling down, have symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health concerns.

This service is run by an independent team of professional counsellors and therapists who are registered and accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

After an initial telephone assessment, counselling sessions may be available either over the phone or face-to-face.

If counselling sessions are deemed inappropriate following the telephone assessment, we may be able to consider alternative support as advised by the assessor such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Mental health support for children and young people

We can offer access to mental health support for children or grandchildren of Freemasons aged between 5-17 years old.

The service is delivered through an experienced and independent provider and gives access to fully trained and qualified mental health practitioners, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care.

Depending on the child’s age they can get help with anxiety, PTSD, exam stress, or access confidential counselling to talk about their feelings, friendship issues, school pressures, or bullying.

If the child is younger than 11, support will be provided through a non-clinical assessment with mental health practitioners providing information and advice.

Thanks to the MCF, I am getting regular therapy with an incredible practitioner. We are starting to turn a corner, and I’m finding daily life much easier. I really can’t thank them enough.


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Access to mental health support is available for Freemasons and their eligible family members, including children who are over five years old.

Financial assessment

A financial assessment is not required to access our standard counselling service, however a full financial assessment is required to access other specialist mental health support. Our enquiry team will be able to offer more information regarding the financial assessment.

Access support

Those seeking mental health support should contact our enquiries team who will provide the details required to access the service.

0800 035 60 90

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Alan’s story

Alan’s story

Veteran Alan returned from the Middle East with complex PTSD after suffering trauma during his time…

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