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Charity has always been a core principle of Freemasonry, and over the last 300 years Freemasons have established a number of charities – including schools, care homes and a hospital.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) was created in 2016 and brought together the work of four separate charities:

  • The Freemasons’ Grand Charity
  • The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys
  • The Masonic Samaritan Fund
  • The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

The legacy of these charities and the principle of charity can be seen today through the work of the MCF.


The Premier Grand Lodge establishes a committee of Charity to ‘deliberate on petitions and grant assistance’


Chevalier Bartholomew Ruspini establishes the ‘Royal Cumberland Freemasons’ School for Female Objects’


Dr Robert Crucefix establishes the RMBI and an ‘Asylum for Worthy Aged and Decayed Freemasons’


The Royal Masonic Hospital opens, providing medical treatment for Freemasons and their families


The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is established to provide financial support for Freemasons and their families, and local and national charities


The Masonic Samaritan Fund is established to support the health needs of Freemasons and their families


The Central Masonic Charities move closer together, sharing new offices in Freemasons’ Hall.


The Masonic Charitable Foundation is established, providing support to Freemasons, their families and the wider community

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