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Our legacy donors - Harry Fenton

Harry Fenton

We’d like to thank Harry Fenton and his wife, Ruth, for the generous gift they left to the Masonic Charitable Foundation from their estate.

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Our legacy donors - Sheila Cox

Sheila Cox

When Freemason Jeffery Cox died, he left behind his wife, Sheila and their young daughter, Alyson.

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Our legacy donors - David Walton

David Walton

On the 19 November 1976 David George Walton was initiated into freemasonry and for the next four decades never looked back.

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Colin Malcolm Drake

As a result of Colin’s generosity, we will be able to support those most in need during these difficult times. Thank you Colin for your wonderful legacy.

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Kenneth ‘Percy’ Pollard

Thank you Percy for your generous donation, your legacy lives on.

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