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Masonic Charitable Foundation LeafletsA range of leaflets, promotional materials, resources and general publications are available to download using the menu below.

Our resources cover topics such as the support available to Masonic families and the impact of our work with community support and research Charities.

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If you would like to receive paper copies of printed leaflets for your Lodge, Province or event, please complete our publications order form. For urgent deliveries please contact us on 020 3146 3333.

Better Lives magazine

This publication contains the latest news about the Masonic Charitable Foundation. We plan to produce two issues each year featuring real stories about some of the Freemasons and their family members we have helped, and those who have undertaken unique and exciting challenges to raise funds for us.

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Additional copies of Better Lives can be ordered through our publication order form.

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Our brochures and leaflets help to describe our work.

If you would like to receive paper copies of printed leaflets for your Lodge, Province or event, please complete our publications order form.

Please allow five to six working days for your leaflets to arrive.  For urgent deliveries please contact us on 020 3146 3333.

Presentation and display materials

Standard Presentation
If you would like to deliver a presentation about the work of the Masonic Charitable Foundation, please download our slides and accompanying script.  The presentation takes around 20-30 minutes to deliver and is suitable for a variety of meetings and events.

Banner Stands
Our banner banner stands can be displayed at large events or meetings. If you would like to request display or presentation materials, please email or call 020 3146 3333.

Resources for Almoners

Almoners may be asked to assist individuals who are making an application to the Masonic Charitable Foundation. You can find all Almoner’s materials on our Almoner’s Resources page >>

Resources for Charity Stewards

Our Charity Steward’s Guide contains guidance on the role of the Charity Steward and helpful information to assist them in their duties.

Charity Stewards can also download Relief Chest and other donations forms:

Resources for Members

You can find all Member’s materials on our Members page >>

Quarterly Statistics

Other documents

The following documents provide general information about the Masonic Charitable Foundation:

Our Impact

Robert’s Story

Robert, a Freemason, first turned to us for financial help following a medical diagnosis. “Immediately after I was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, I was admitted to hospital for treatment. We’ve always been a month-to-month family and, being self-employed, I was worried how we would pay that month’s bills.” Robert’s brother and Lodge Almoner got…

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Aimee’s Story

After Aimee’s father died at the age of 45, her Freemason grandfather, Frederick, stepped in to support the family through the financial strain that followed. But eventually his savings started to run low and he turned to the MCF to help his granddaughter. Aimee was offered a place to study psychology at Cardiff University and…

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Les’s Story

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, with around 44,000 men diagnosed each year. Les, a Freemason for 16 years, was completely unaware he was living with this life-threatening disease. It was only during a routine doctor’s appointment that he was offered a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test. The…

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Helena’s Story

Our TalentAid scheme helps to nurture exceptional talent by supporting the children and grandchildren of Freemasons who want to develop their talent in music, sport or the performing arts into a career. Thanks to  the TalentAid scheme, Helena was able to buy her very own violin – which she still uses when she plays with…

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