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We’re here to assist and support Almoners to carry out their role and to enable them to be pro-active in seeking assistance for Masonic families who need help from the Foundation.

This page contains a range of resources which will assist Almoners in giving advice and guidance to Freemasons and their families. To order printed copies of these resources, please use our publications order form or contact us on 020 3146 3333.

Almoners can contact Robert Price, Provincial Support Team, with any questions or requests for further information on: or 020 3146 3333

Almoners Handbook and Booklet

Almoner’s Handbook

The Handbook contains a comprehensive range of advice and guidance to assist Almoners to undertake their duties. It is particularly useful to newly appointed Almoners, as well as serving as a continuing reference source for experienced Almoners.

The Handbook was currently version 1.4 and was last updated in November 2016.

Open Almoner’s Handbook >>

The Information Booklet

Otherwise known as the ‘little yellow book’, the information booklet outlines the wide-range of grants and services provided by the Foundation. Almoners will find this very useful when assisting a Masonic family to make an application for our help.

Open Little Yellow Book >>

Safeguarding Policies

Almoners may be asked to assist individuals who are making an application to the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

This section provides a range of policies that the Almoners must be aware of to undertake their duties.

Assistance working with vulnerable adults or people under 18 can be provided by our Advice and Support team. You can contact the team via our Enquiries team on 0800 035 60 90 or

Leaflets and Presentations


As the “eyes and ears” of the Lodge, the Almoner must be alert to the needs and problems of Freemasons and their families. Our leaflets and presentations can help Almoners to describe our work:

If you would like to receive paper copies of printed leaflets for your Lodge, please complete our publications order form.

Please allow five to six working days for your leaflets to arrive.  For urgent deliveries please contact us on 020 3146 3333.

Standard Presentation
Delivering a presentation about the work of the Masonic Charitable Foundation to your Lodge is a great way to explain how the Foundation can help Masonic families. The presentation takes around 20-30 minutes to deliver and is suitable for a variety of meetings and events. If you would like to customise the presentation with stats about our work in your Province, please contact

Banner Stands
Our banner banner stands can be displayed at large events or meetings. If you would like to request display or presentation materials, please email or call 020 3146 3333.

Better Lives Magazine

This publication contains the latest news about the Masonic Charitable Foundation. We plan to produce two issues each year featuring real stories about some of the Freemasons and their family members we have helped, and those who have undertaken unique and exciting challenges to raise funds for us.

Every Almoner should receive five copies of the newsletter by post. We would be grateful if you would provide these copies to Masonic widows, or anyone associated with your Lodge who would benefit from a copy.

Additional copies of Better Lives can be ordered through our publication order form.

Government and NHS Services

As an Almoner, it is useful to have a solid understanding of the various Government benefits so they can signpost Lodge members to the state support they may be eligible for. Health and Social Care Trusts (which are part of the NHS) can also provide a range of health and care assessments, which may be required in order to make an application for support.

Applicants may not be eligible for certain types of support from the Foundation unless they are claiming the Government benefits or grants they are entitled to.

You can see if an applicant is missing out on state help using Entitledto’s online benefits calculator or by downloading our Guide to Benefits.

Care options can be confusing. Our Advice and Support Team can offer expert guidance on all the options available and you can 0800 035 60 90 to arrange to speak to the team.

Signposting to Alternative Sources of Support

Other documents

The following documents provide general information about the Masonic Charitable Foundation:

Our Impact

Norwich Food Bank

Norwich Food Bank supports people in crisis by providing nutritionally balanced food supplies and other household essentials. A sudden crisis such as an illness, death, family break up, redundancy or benefit delay can leave people unable to feed themselves. These situations quickly deteriorate, leading to further problems. Norwich Foodbank supports people on the edge of…

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Veterans Outreach Support

Last year, Veterans Outreach Support received £3,000 to help fund their monthly Drop-In service for veterans and their families Based at the Royal Maritime Club in Portsmouth, the Drop-In offers a welcoming and relaxed place where veterans and their families can meet socially and get help in all areas; from mental health problems to improving…

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Walsall Bereavement Support Service

Walsall Bereavement Support Service is a small charity offering help to any Walsall resident who has been affected by bereavement. By providing help when it’s needed, WBSS aims to prevent the negative effects that bereavement can have on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing and future life chances. Bereavement is something that affects all of…

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The Squirrel’s Nest – a Men’s Shed in Bridgend

The Squirrel’s Nest was created to provide a space where men could get together, work on practical projects and share stories. The charity aims to help local people who may be suffering from depression, anxiety, grief or loneliness by providing a relaxed pace where people can come together to make friends and learn new skills. Based in…

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