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NEWS: Due to the high number of Charity Grant enquiries and applications being received at the moment, there will be a delay in response time. Please note we do not acknowledge receipt of Large Grant application forms until they have been processed.

Charity Grants

Which charities can apply?

The grants listed below are only available to charities that are registered with the Charity Commission.

The charity and/or project must also be located in England and/or Wales.

Charities can apply for either a Large Grant (over £5,000) or a Small Grant (under £5,000).

For Large Grants (over £5,000) charities must first complete an Enquiry Form for review before a formal Large Grant Application Form is sent to selected applicants by email.

  • We encourage charities that have an annual income under £500,000 to apply for a Small Grant of £5,000 or less. We will, however, consider requests for grants of over £5,000 if the charity can demonstrate it will be used for an innovative project or service.
  • Charities with an income of over £500,000 can apply for a Large Grant or Small Grant. We suggest, however, that charities with an income of over £1 million should apply for a Large Grant.

Please note that if you are a current grant holder, have received a grant from our organisation which ended less than two years ago or have been declined for a grant in the last twelve months, you are not able to apply at this time. The earliest a charity can reapply is one year after the date of the declination or three years after the date a grant was awarded.

Further details about eligibility can be found in our Charity Grants Guidelines.

Large Grant

Over £5,000 can be awarded to charities for a specific purpose only. Reasons to apply for a Large Grant can include funding salary costs, specific project costs and refurbishment costs. New build or large scale capital development projects cannot be considered. Funding may be granted for up to three years, where there is evidence of an on-going need for funding.

To check if your charity is able to apply and begin the application process, please click here to answer some eligibility questions.

The team will then review your submission at a fortnightly Grants Panel Meeting and get back to you via email to confirm if you have been selected to make a formal application for a Large Grant.

Please note that only one enquiry form can be submitted by a charity, for a single project. If the enquiry application is unsuccessful, subsequent enquiry forms may then be completed.

Small Grant

Between £500 and £5,000 can be awarded to charities for core expenditure such as general running or overhead costs of the charity. To check if your charity is able to apply and begin the application process, please click here to answer some eligibility questions.

Medical and Social Research grants

Our Medical and Social Research grants are currently closed due to an ongoing review of the programme. As such, applications will not be considered until the programme re-opens.

In recent years, over £10 million has been provided to fund research into treatments for conditions such as cancer, degenerative diseases and cardiovascular problems.

When the grants programme re-opens , information regarding eligibility and grant conditions will be provided in this section.

Hospice grants

Our Hospice Grants programme is operated in partnership with Hospice UK. The aim of the programme is to develop and extend bereavement support services in hospices, improving the well-being of bereaved families and individuals.

Grants of up to £20,000 are available to support projects running over a period of eighteen months. This allows for up to three months setup phase and twelve months project delivery – with a further three months to cover any unforeseen delays mid project.

For more details on this programme and application process, please read:

You can apply for a Hospice Grant by completing the MCF 2017 Hospice Grants – Bereavement Care application form on the Hospice UK website.

Only one application per grant round will be considered from each hospice.


Grant Deadlines

It is beneficial for applications to be submitted as early as possible as the team begins assessing them as soon as they are received.

Applications must be received by 5pm on the dates below.

Small Grant Applications

Small Grant Application Forms are considered at meetings held in January, April, July and October.

The upcoming deadlines for Small Grant Application and meetings are as follows:

Application Form Consideration MeetingFinal approval outcome
27 October 2017February 2018March 2018
23 February 2018May 2018June 2018
25 May 2018September 2018October 2018

Large Grant Applications

Large Grant Application Forms are considered at meetings held in January, April, July and October.

A Large Grant Enquiry Form must be submitted prior to completing a formal application for a Large Grant.

All Large Grant Enquiry Forms are considered at fortnightly Grants Panel Meetings. Each applicant will be informed of the outcome by email. If successful you will be sent a Large Grant Application Form for completion and submission electronically.

The application deadlines for Large Grant Enquiry Forms and Large Grant Application Forms are:

Enquiry FormApplication FormConsideration MeetingFinal approval outcome
2 October 201727 October 2017February 2018March 2018
2 February 201823 February 2018May 2018June 2018
4 May 201825 May 2018September 2018October 2018


Research Grants

Research Grant applications have currently closed due to a review of the Medical and Social Research grants programme.

Hospice Grants

The next deadline for applications is 2 January 2018. Applicants will be informed whether or not they have been successful by mid-February 2018.


Grant applications

To check if your charity is able to apply and to begin the application process, please click here to answer some eligibility questions. If your charity is eligible the form will direct you to questions for the Enquiry Form or Small Application Form depending upon the size of grant requested.

Once you have completed the form you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your submission. You can save a part-completed form and return to complete it within 30 days.

We aim to acknowledge all Enquiry Forms and Application Forms within seven working days (i.e. not including the weekend). Please note, around the deadline period, this time frame may be extended.

Due to high demand, we recommend that you submit your application as soon as it is ready and not wait until the deadline date.


Grants to support other charities and causes

  • Air Ambulances: Air ambulance and rescue services grants are awarded in partnership with the Provinces.
  • Disaster Relief: It is not possible to apply for Disaster Relief funding as grants are awarded at the discretion of the Foundation’s President.


Further Information

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential application, please contact us at or call 0203 146 3337.

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