We are tackling some of society’s most important issues through our grants to local and national charities and partnerships with leading organisations in the sector.

With grants totalling over £5 million each year, we help thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable people to live happy, fulfilling lives and participate actively in society.

Over the last forty years, we have provided over £130 million to charities. The MCF’s work is funded solely through the generous donations of Freemasons under the United Grand Lodge of England, their families and friends.

We have conducted surveys which informed us of the areas about which Freemasons care most passionately. Our grant-making programmes for charities target funding where it is most needed within these areas. Our current target areas are:

  • Creating the best start in life for disadvantaged children and young people
  • Reducing isolation in later life
  • Medical research into degenerative disease
  • Care services in the hospice sector

The target areas are reviewed regularly to ensure our grants are making the greatest possible impact.

Which charities have we supported near you?

Use the interactive map to see how we are supporting charities in your community.  Please click the 'expand' button at the top right corner to open a larger map and view the key.

Application deadlines

Small Grants

Application deadline Outcome notification
26 October 2018 (4pm) March 2019
25 January 2019 (4pm) May 2019
31 May 2019 (4pm) October 2019
27 September 2019 (4pm) February 2020

Large Grants

First stage application deadline Second stage application deadline Outcome notification
5 October 2018 26 October 2018 (4pm) March 2019
2 January 2019 (5pm) 25 January 2019 (4pm) May 2019
6 May 2019 (5pm) 31 May 2019 (4pm) October 2019
2 September 2019 (5pm) 27 September 2019 (4pm) February 2020


Please note that we may have to limit the number of applicants that are invited to complete a Large Grant second stage application form.

Therefore, we advise that you submit your Large Grant first stage application form well in advance of the deadline. Applications received before the first stage deadline may be deferred until a later funding round if the current one is over-subscribed.

Further information

If after looking at our FAQs you need further information please call  020 3146 3337 or email charitygrants@mcf.org.uk

If you are a Freemason who is interested in referring a charity for a grant, please do not hesitate to share this page with the organisation or give them our contact details so we can advise them on how to apply.