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Charity Grants

We look beyond Freemasonry, making significant financial grants to charities to help people live happy, fulfilling lives and participate actively in society.

Community Support

Our Community Support grants for charities help people experiencing poverty and disadvantage, sickness and disability or barriers to education and employment.

The charities we support make a significant and lasting difference to thousands of people in need and further those causes about which Freemasons and their families are most concerned.

In 2015, around £4.5m was awarded to support charities across England and Wales.


Community Support Shine Charity

Financial Hardship

Our grants support charities that relieve household or individual financial poverty.  The charities we support help people to recover from financial hardship or avoid getting into financial difficulty altogether.

Our grants support services such as:

  • Debt counselling and advice
  • Financial education workshops for adults and young people
  • Financial assistance for homeless people, care-leavers or those affected by cancer, long-term illness or disability
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Community Support Shine Charity

Health & Disability

Our grants support charities that improve the lives of people with poor physical or mental health, physical or learning disabilities and chronic or life-limiting conditions.  Other charities we support help carers and those in need of end-of-life or palliative care.

Our grants support services such as:

  • The development and provision of adaptive technology and equipment to assist those with a disability
  • Access to specialist advice, support or therapies
  • Supporting care needs, including respite care
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Community Support Shine Charity

Education & Employability

Our grants support charities which help support disadvantaged children and young people by providing opportunities for those who are not in education, employment or training, affected by poor health or disability, and those at risk of further disadvantage.

Our grants can support services such as:

  • Apprenticeships, bursaries and training
  • The use of sport or alternative approaches to enable learning and development
  • Learning opportunities for disabled children and young people
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Community Support Shine Charity

Social Exclusion & Disadvantage

Our grants support charities which relieve isolation and loneliness for those experiencing family breakdown or crisis, rural or urban deprivation, homelessness, digital exclusion or social exclusion, as well as those with a disability or long-term illness which acts as a barrier to a fulfilling life.

Our grants support services such as:

  • Mentoring and befriending schemes
  • Social activities encouraging inclusion
  • Education and training programmes for ex-service personnel
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Medical & Social Research

Working with selected partners, our Medical and Social Research grants fund PhD Studentships to carry out basic, clinical and epidemiological research projects that aim to improve knowledge, treatment and services.

In 2015, we awarded £1.5 million to medical research thanks to the generosity of Freemasons and their families.

Medical Research

We fund medical research into a wide range of disabilities, diseases and conditions – causes that Freemasons have told us they care about greatly.

Our grants have supported research into conditions such as:

  • Age-related degenerative diseases such as Alzhiemer’s
  • Childhood diseases such as cystic fibrosis
  • Chronic illnesses including cancer and heart disease
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Social Research

We fund social research to support studies that address and advance understanding of the social or cultural factors which affect health, wellbeing or active participation in society.

Our grants support research such as:

  • The impact of providing care for a family member, palliative care or end-of-life care
  • Social deprivation and poverty
  • Education and barriers to employability
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Other charitable causes

We support charities that provide vital services in the wider community throughout England and Wales.

We are also among the first to support major relief appeals in response to domestic and overseas natural disasters.


Our Hospice Grants programme is operated in partnership with Hospice UK.

Grants of up to £20,000 are available to enable hospices to develop and extend their bereavement support services, improving the well-being of bereaved families and individuals.

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Air Ambulances

We have regularly supported air ambulance and rescue service charities, donating a total of around £1.5 million to 22 rescue services since 2007.

Every air ambulance charity in England and Wales has received funding, and grants are made to equivalent services in areas where they do not operate.

It is not possible to apply for funding in this area – Air ambulance and rescue services grants are awarded in partnership with Masonic Provinces. 

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Disaster Relief

We award Disaster Relief Grants to help the victims of floods, earthquakes, famines and other natural disasters in both the UK and the rest of the world.

In recent years, over £2.5 million has been given to support emergency aid and  resources such as the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and major flooding in the UK during 2014 and 2015.

It is not possible to apply for funding in this area – Disaster Relief Grants are given at the discretion of our President.

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Lifelites provides educational and fun technology packages for every baby and children’s hospice in the British Isles.

Founded as a Masonic initiative, Lifelites has become a well-established charity in its own right and raises its funds from Freemasons and other sources. The Masonic Charitable Foundation helps by providing office premises and administrative services meaning Lifelites can focus on delivering its life-enhancing technology.

For further information about Lifelites please click here >>

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