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Initial consultation

Support can be offered towards the cost of an initial medical consultation to define a health need and suggested treatment.

Those not currently on an NHS waiting list will be required to see their GP to be referred privately without the need for an NHS referral first. If you are already on a NHS waiting list, please first of all see if your existing consultant will be able to refer you directly for private surgery. This will remove the need for a new consultation.

Please ensure that you contact our enquiries team first before you organise any consultation.

Support towards the cost of surgery

Support can be offered towards the cost of NICE approved operations, treatments and procedures.

Please note that we have temporarily suspended the requirement for applicants to be facing a wait on the NHS of over 12 weeks, in order to qualify for support.

If you are not currently on a NHS waiting list, this will not prevent your application from being processed.

Before enquiring about support

We want to ensure that we can give you an early indication of your likelihood to qualify for support so we will ask you for information about your household income and capital before we begin the application process with you. We only need you to provide a rough indication of these figures so please have them to hand when you contact us to make an application over the phone.

Mailing List

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