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Grant size and length

Grants of up to £35,000 are available to support projects running over a period of 18 months. This allows for up to 3 months setup phase and 12 months project delivery – with a further 3 months to cover any unforeseen delays mid project.

This can enable hospices to undertake proactive community engagement to dispel myths and misconceptions about hospice care, and ensure that services on offer are culturally appropriate.

Grant purpose

Your grant could be used to:

  • Fund a new post to coordinate community engagement, data collection, analysis, and the development of an action plan.
  • Fund community engagement activities to inform service development or improvement to internal processes.

This grant programme aims to facilitate sustainable change in hospice care. Grant recipients are expected to assess the impact of the grant against their intended outcomes, which in turn will serve as case studies in an evaluation to support wider sector learning.

Eligibility criteria

Organisations seeking a grant must be:

  • Full member adult or children’s hospices
  • Based in England, Wales, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

Hospices awarded a grant in the April 2020 Masonic Charitable Foundation/Hospice UK homelessness and learning disabilities programme are not eligible to apply in this round.

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