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Our Impact

Read more about how we use the generous donations of Freemasons to help Masonic families and registered charities

3H Fund (Helping Hands for Holidays)

The 3H Fund works to provide disabled people and their carers a much needed break by organising and funding holidays. Last year, they helped over 750 people to take a break from the stresses and strains of their day-to-day life. We donated £5,000 to support their new initiative, supporting carers with respite breaks.

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Alan’s Story

Alan was suffering from severe pain and facing a wait of 26 weeks on the NHS when we funded his knee surgery.

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Alec and Linda’s Story

Our grants to fund care at a Day Centre helps Linda spend more time with her husband and children and gives Alec the chance to get out of the house and meet new people

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Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan's medical research team explain how our £92,000 grant to support their stem-cell research is helping to save the lives of people like Alex.

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Autism Berkshire

In 2017, The Masonic Charitable Foundation donated £4,624 to Autism Berkshire to fund the Siblings Rock! peer support programme

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Bill’s Story

Bill was diagnosed with cataracts but was told it would be at least 6 months before his operation. Since the death of his wife, his computer has been his link to the outside world but the cataracts meant he was unable to use it. Just weeks after contacting the Foundation, Bill received a grant to fund his procedure.

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Chloe’s Story

When Chloe's injury threatened to put an end to her dancing dream, we funded surgery to get her back on her feet

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We provide support to Freemasons, their families and the wider community

Facts about our work last year...



grants were awarded to Masonic families

£9.2 M


helped to support Masonic families

£4.7 M


was awarded to 414 charities