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Our Impact

Read more about how we use the generous donations of Freemasons to help Masonic families and registered charities

Omega, Care for Life

In 2017, Omega,Care for Life received £2,400 to help tackle isolation and loneliness of care-givers and those in need of care in the Midlands

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Reginald’s Story

When Reginald's health began to rapidly deteriorate, he needed the support of a carer but struggled to afford the cost. Find out more about our respite grants.

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Conquest Centre

Conquest Centre is a specialist equine centre dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people with disabilities. In 2017, the Masonic Charitable Foundation donated £4,000 to Conquest Centre

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Alec and Linda’s Story

Our grants to fund care at a Day Centre helps Linda spend more time with her husband and children and gives Alec the chance to get out of the house and meet new people

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Norwich Food Bank

Norwich Food Bank supports people in crisis by providing nutritionally balanced food supplies and other household essentials. In 2017, the charity receive a grant of £2,000

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Walsall Bereavement Support Service

Walsall Bereavement Support Service is a small charity offering help to any Walsall resident who has been affected by bereavement. In 2017 they received £2,000 to help fund a service dedicated to helping children and young people

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We provide support to Freemasons, their families and the wider community

Facts about our work last year...



grants were awarded to Masonic families

£15 M


helped to support Masonic families

£4.7 M


was awarded to 414 charities