Small Steps offers help and support to children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities, and their families.

Supporting parents and supporting children

The charity works with children at the early stages of their development, helping to build new skills and improve mobility. Small Steps also helps parents with practical advice and emotional support during the often stressful period of diagnosis and understanding of a child’s disability.

Conductive Education

Small Steps runs sessions which use an approach called Conductive Education – a holistic therapy which involves active learning and play. These sessions focus on physical development, but also help to build social, communication, and sensory skills. Parents are encouraged to be hands on with their children and learn exercises that they can replicate at home.

Making small steps

H has become stronger in the past few months, which allows her to more easily tolerate physical activities such as facilitated weight bearing, standing and crawling. Her head control is also much better and her rolling has improved too. She is more self-aware now and enjoys exploring and reaching for her feet and knees and hands.

“H is chattier and enjoys interacting with her friends and their parents. She also likes having opportunities to choose and is becoming very consistent making choices at snack time and sticker time.

“I have loved seeing her develop and make small progressive steps.”

Mailing List

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