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Imogen did, and it’s helped her pursue a career as a nurse…

“During my second year of university, I fell pregnant with my daughter, Darcey. Not only was I faced with becoming a mother whilst juggling my education, I was battling costs that I hadn’t ever experienced – the cost of childcare is just phenomenal, and I only managed to graduate because I could do long-distance learning.

“I achieved a first class honours degree which I’m incredibly proud of, but I was determined to go back to university to complete a second degree in nursing – I wanted to pursue a career that I loved and provide a good, stable future for Darcey.

“A nursing degree has no set structure, and my placements would be constantly changing, so Darcey needs to be in nursery five days a week. At first I was optimistic I could survive and ‘make do’ but in reality I wasn’t confident I could keep a roof over her head.

“I was very upset about the future for myself and Darcey – I wanted to be able to provide a good future for my child and be happy in my job, but the cost of childcare made this seem impossible.