How can we help? We offer a wide range of grants and support services for financial, health, family and care-related needs.

Daily living costs

Most of our support takes the form of grants for essential daily living costs, but we also provide specific grants to assist with funeral costs, household repairs, arrears, and other emergency costs.

Health, care and wellbeing

We help people to live healthier and more active lives by funding medical assessments and treatment, mobility equipment and home adaptations, and support for carers.

Children, young people and education

We help young people in education or training to achieve their potential by funding computer equipment, educational assessments, course fees, and other education-related costs.

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Who is eligible?

We often say that “the MCF is here for Freemasons and their families”, but what does this mean?

By family, we mean those with the strongest connection to a Freemason – those with a financial, physical, or legal bond. This includes married, life, separated or widowed partners; as well as children, stepchildren, grandchildren or step grandchildren who are under the age of 25 and in full-time education. It could even include another family member if the Freemason is providing ongoing physical or financial support.

Tell your family

With over 180,000 Freemasons across England and Wales, the number of people we could potentially help is immense! We couldn’t possibly contact each and every one to let them know about the MCF, so we rely on people like you to help us spread the word.

Nobody expects to need our support, but should the worst ever happen, you can help your family by equipping them with knowledge about the MCF.

Kate’s story

What have you learned?

Take the quiz and work out if you think these people would qualify for MCF support!

1. David

David was a Freemason for 30 years, but retired five years ago because of ill health. He recently had a fall and it was recommended by an occupational therapist that he install a walk-in shower to prevent another accident. His local council won’t cover the full cost of the work, but with only a small amount of savings David is worried that he can’t afford it.

Can the MCF help David?

2. Mel

Mel is the ex-partner of a Freemason. She and her partner separated and the children live with her, one of whom is the Freemason’s biological child. She is struggling to find a new home because she can’t afford the security deposit or rent in advance. She is worried about contacting the MCF, because she does not want her ex-partner to find out.

Can the MCF help Mel?

2. Jack

Jack is the nephew of a Freemason, and they have a close relationship. He is 18 years old and is about to start university. His student loan won’t cover his living costs, so he needs to find additional financial support.

Can the MCF help Jack?

4. Padma

Padma is the granddaughter of a Freemason. She is 12 years old and uses a wheelchair. She is finding it increasingly hard to sleep in her own bedroom, as her parents struggle to carry her upstairs.

Can the MCF help Padma?


1. Yes! ✔️ David might not be a subscribing Freemason anymore, but he is still a part of the community. We can look into helping David cover the cost of his home adaptations.

2. Yes! ✔️ The breakdown of her relationship means that Mel can no longer support herself or her children. We can look to support her and both their children. The application process is confidential, so her ex-partner won’t find out that she contacted the MCF.

3. No. ❌ Even though Jack is close to his uncle, he is not financially dependent on him so he does not qualify for MCF support.

4. Yes! ✔️ We don’t just support children and young people with their education. We can also support children like Padma with health, care, and wellbeing grants such as home adaptations to help them and their families live more independent lives.

Can we help you?

We know that understanding the full range of support available, whether or not you qualify, and deciding if you should ask for help can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we have launched a new online eligibility checker, to give you a quick indication of whether or not we can help.

To assess whether or not we can provide support, you will need to provide some information about your situation and financial circumstances.

Check your eligibility

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