Tony W. at home

Freemason Tony W. was hit with health problems that had a significant impact on his ability to work and subsequently, his income.

Following his diagnosis of angina – a chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart muscles, Tony encountered serious breathing difficulties which resulted in several ambulance trips to accident and emergency.

As his health deteriorated, Tony was determined to keep working so that he and his wife could afford their monthly outgoings, but he had to cut back on his working days as a Consultant Contract Manager, starting with a reduction to three days.

Despite these efforts, he eventually became unable to work at all. Money became tight and Tony and his wife were quickly spending their savings to make ends meet. At this point, a fellow lodge member suggested that he reach out to us for assistance.

We were quickly going through our savings, with no one able to give us any support. I reached out to the MCF and their team was supportive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic to help. We explained our situation, filled in some forms and received the financial support we so needed.

Tony W.

A month later, Tony had a vital heart operation during which five stents were placed in his arteries. Our daily living cost grants supported Tony through the period leading up to the surgery, and during his recovery, when he was unable to work. The operation was successful and he is now in a more stable condition, both health-wise and financially.

I would advise anybody with health problems, or other difficulties through no fault of their own to contact the MCF – we are getting back to normality now and it is partly due to the help we received from them.

Tony W.

When life takes an unexpected turn, like it did for Mark and Tony, navigating a change in income can be unsettling and frightening, but reaching out for help can make a real difference. In uncertain, ever-changing times, the MCF is here to get you back on track.


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