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What We Do

A wide-range of help and support is available for Freemasons and their families with financial, health or family needs.


Our financial grants help Masonic families who are unable to afford everyday living costs and to actively participate in their community.

Daily expenses

Our grants meet the cost of household bills, food and other everyday costs.  They also include a reasonable allowance for leisure activities.

“I know some people might feel funny about receiving financial help, but I don’t let it worry me – it’s been such a relief knowing I can keep paying for the things my family needs.”

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Personal crisis

Our grants help with additional expenses or unexpected loss of income due to a personal crisis such as an accident, redundancy or other life-changing event.

“After my accident I struggled to work and lost much of my income.  I’m back at work now, but without the support I received I don’t know if I could have coped.”

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Our grants help to fund home adaptations required due to a medical or mobility need; grants or loans for essential home repairs can also be considered.

“The home adaptations you helped to fund for my home have made such a difference to my health, mobility and daily life.  I cannot thank you enough.”

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Funeral costs

Our grants can help towards the costs of a funeral for a Freemason or their wife or partner when no other funds are available.

“When my husband died, there wasn’t anything set aside for his funeral and I didn’t want to trouble my children.  It was such a relief to get help and hold the dignified funeral he deserved.”

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Our grants help Masonic families get the treatment, care or support they need to live healthy and independent lives.


Our grants can help with the cost of private treatment or surgery when the NHS waiting list is over 12 weeks, or over 8 weeks for cardiac surgery or cancer treatment.  We can also offer grants to fund an initial consultation or assessment when the NHS waiting list is over 8 weeks.

“I was in agony and was shocked when I was told there was an 18 week waiting list for surgery.  Your grant for my treatment has given me back my life and I am very grateful.”

Do you qualify? How to apply


Our grants can help fund essential treatments including replacing crowns, bridges and complex dental procedures which cannot be provided freely or quickly on the NHS.

“I knew I needed dental work but I was staggered by the price – it would have used all my savings.  Thankfully I was awarded a grant and received the treatment I needed.”

Do you qualify? How to apply


Our Counselling Careline is a free and confidential support service for people experiencing depression, anxiety, stress and other conditions affecting their mental well-being.

“Speaking to a professional counsellor really helped me understand many of the worries and negative thoughts I was having.  It has taken such a weight off my mind.”

Do you qualify? How to apply


Our grants can meet the cost of home adaptations and supplying and maintaining mobility equipment including scooters, stairlifts, power chairs and hoists.  Grants for specialist or bespoke equipment for young people with severe and life-limiting disabilities are also available.

“It is wonderful to have the freedom to get out and about or see my grandchildren.  I wish I had applied for a mobility grant years ago.”

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Our grants help Masonic families by providing opportunities for young people and a range of high-quality care provision.


Our grants can support the cost of IT equipment, course materials, school uniforms and extracurricular activities for children and young people.  We can also assist students in further or higher education with scholarships.

“When my husband died, I was worried about providing everything for my children.  The support I received means they haven’t missed out on anything at home or at school.”

Do you qualify? How to apply


Our TalentAid grants can pay for training or equipment for those with the potential to develop an exceptional talent into a career in music, sport or the performing arts.

“Thanks to the grant, I got the equipment I needed to continue my development and compete at the national level.”

Find out more or apply for a TalentAid Grant

Do you qualify? How to apply

Residential care

Masonic care homes operated by the RMBI Care Company offer a range of nursing, residential and dementia care to meet the needs of older people at 17 locations across England and Wales.

“When my husband passed away, I moved into a home.  I’ve made friends here and my son and daughter come to visit as often as they can.  I’m looked after so well by everyone here.”

Read the RMBI eligibility guide >>

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Respite care

Our grants can fund the cost of respite care for family carers who provide vital support for a loved one.  Our grants can support short-term residential care breaks, domiciliary care in an individual’s own home or day centre care.

“It was a real treat to be able to visit the seaside for the first time in many, many years.  The volunteers that accompanied us were wonderful.  I had a really special time.”

Do you qualify? How to apply