Devonshire Freemasons with Go Beyond, who help impoverished children

Over 50 impoverished children will have the opportunity to receive help and sunshine, thanks to a grant of £45,000 by Devonshire Freemasons.

There were 4.3 million children living in poverty in the UK before the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation has worsened and with the rising cost of living, many more families will struggle. The figure equates to one third of all children, but we know some neighbourhoods have much higher levels of child poverty.

For 30 years, Go Beyond has brought hope and smiles to 18,000 children and despite all the challenges of the pandemic, they are still offering that glimpse of hope and sunshine. Carl Wholey (Go Beyond’s Director for Children) added that around 730 children have been helped this year, next year they hope to get back to pre-Covid figures of around 1000.

The grant from Devonshire Freemasons comes through us, the MCF, which is funded by Freemasons, their families and friends, from across England and Wales.

What amazing work this Devon Charity does, we hope that this donation will provide a huge boost and really make a difference to many Children’s lives. We need to remember that this is investing in our future Generations, and that’s important.

Ian Kingsbury, Devonshire Freemasons

On behalf of all of us at Go Beyond I would like to extend my huge thanks and gratitude to the Masonic Charitable Foundation for this very generous grant. Our mission is to give children who have been bereaved, abused, or bullied, who are living in poverty or caring for loved ones the chance to escape their worries and pressures with a break in the countryside – at no cost to them or their families. Thanks to their generosity more than 50 children, who face serious challenges in their home lives, will be given the moments they need to believe in themselves and think beyond the day-to-day for a bigger, brighter future. We are hugely grateful to you for your kind and considered support; for giving these children a break that will last a lifetime.

Michelle Farmer, Go Beyond

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