Achieving a dream can often be hindered by financial challenges. We are helping young people reach their full potential by supporting children and grandchildren of Freemasons with financial assistance to undertake postgraduate study and take another step towards a brighter future.

In an ideal world, everyone would have access to the education and career of their dreams; but often, circumstances change and limited finances mean that we miss out on opportunities.

Providing for children can be challenging on a single salary, especially when they reach an age where they start to think about their future. Jane felt this financial strain at a particularly difficult time when her son’s sporting activities were increasing, and her daughter, Rachael, set off for university.

Prior to receiving MCF support, life had become pretty tough financially. As a nursing associate, my wages barely cover our daily living expenses, especially since the rapid rise in energy and food costs. So it was extremely difficult to be able to help support my daughter at university as well as my teenage son.


The cost of university life came as a shock to Rachael too, and she needed to work over 60 hours per week to keep up with her rent and bills, leaving little time and energy for her studies. In her final year, her mother recognised how unsustainable this was, and reached out to the MCF. We provided Rachael with financial support in the form of an Annual Scholarship, which she used towards her accommodation costs and living expenses, helping to get her through her final year, allowing her to reduce her working hours and spend more time on her studies.

As a lover of learning, when Rachael discovered that the MCF could also support her financially to undertake a postgraduate course, it was music to her ears.

In the final year of my undergraduate degree I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on within the music industry, and with the slow return of hands-on work opportunities post-COVID, I felt that continuing at university and undertaking a postgraduate course was the best option until I could get my foot in the door, rather than working away from the industry completely.


It has been reported that the music industry faced a big hit during the pandemic, with the suspension of internships and employment in the sector falling by 35%, which left many music students uncertain about their next steps. Luckily, our programme to provide financial support to postgraduate students came at the right time for Rachael, who took the opportunity to gain another qualification during a period of flux for the industry.

The financial support from the MCF also means that I can focus a lot more on my studies and have time to apply for opportunities that could help me further my career, whilst being able to afford rent and other costs. Now I have more time to think about my future.


As the music industry is starting to find its feet again, Rachael’s dream of managing music artists while touring the world feels more achievable, especially with another qualification under her belt.

The last thing I wanted to do was to reach out and ask for help, especially financially, as I’ve always had an ‘I can make it on my own’ attitude. But life isn’t meant to be spent working every minute to be able to pay for rent or food, it’s not meant to be deciding if you can force yourself to stay awake for another hour so you can study only to sleep for four hours and do the same again tomorrow. It’s meant to be enjoyed, doing the things that you love, living the best life that you create. Getting a helping hand financially can create that life that you want to live and lift the weight off your shoulders. If the past few years taught us anything it’s that life is too short to not ask for help when you need it.


Our support for students through postgraduate study is all about creating opportunities for young people like Rachael. We wish her the best of luck in her final months of study and a bright future in music management!



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